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About TeachMideast

About TeachMideast

TeachMideast is your premier destination for comprehensive and engaging resources on the Middle East and North Africa. Developed by the Middle East Policy Council, our mission is to:

  • Educate with Diversity: Challenge stereotypes by presenting a mosaic of perspectives from within the region.
  • Engage Innovatively: Utilize films, project-based learning, and interactive tools to break traditional learning barriers.
  • Empower Varied Learning: Cater to diverse learning styles, from visual to kinesthetic, and from reading to listening.
What is TeachMideast?

TeachMideast is a resource designed for students and educators to teach about critical, complex and intriguing subjects in the Middle East and North Africa.

Country Profiles

TeachMideast is home to country-specific breakdowns of the Middle East, complete with information on geography, culture, history and more. Find detailed profiles on individual Middle Eastern countries, complete with geography, history, religion and more!

TeachMideast Resources

TeachMideast Resources - Art & Culture of the Week

Art & Culture of the Week

What is Middle Eastern culture? We take a look at the great diversity of the cultural production of the Middle East today.

TeachMideast Resources - Middle East in Focus

Middle East in Focus

We take a deep dive into the history and current events of the Middle East to stay up-to-date on our cultural heritage.

TeachMideast Resources - Q&A


Questions and answers to help facilitate any curiosities about the Middle East.

TeachMideast Resources - Resource Guides

Resource Guides

Our Resource Guides include a number of tools on major topics and themes.

TeachMideast Resources - Timelines


Detailed timelines of people, places, and events in Middle Eastern history.

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We believe that the best way to undermine dangerous stereotypes and misunderstandings is to give students access to a broad range of perspectives.


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