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Dive into TeachMideast's curated selection of book reviews to explore the narratives and scholarly works that bring the Middle East and North Africa to life. These books provide a deeper insight into the culture and perspectives of the Middle East.

The Secret Life of Saeed, the Pessoptimist

The Secret Life of Saeed, the Pessoptimist: A Satirical Tale of Being Arab in Israel

The Secret Life of Saeed, the Pessoptimist, a 1974 novel by Emile Habiby, tackles the Israel-Palestine conflict with ...
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The Language of Baklava

The Language of Baklava (A Memoir): A Mouthwatering Keepsake for Memories

In Diana Abu-Jaber’s memoir, “The Language of Baklava,” food represents something more substantial than savory, delectable provisions. It ...
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The Art of Losing

The Art of Losing: A Family’s Chronicle Between Exile and Return

“It takes a long time for a country to reemerge from silence, especially a country like Algeria.” “The ...
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Season of Migration to the North

Season of Migration to the North

Season of Migration to the North by Sudanese author Tayeb Salih (translated by Denys Johnson-Davies) is one of ...
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My Shadow is my Skin (Voices from the Iranian Diaspora)

My Shadow is my Skin (Voices from the Iranian Diaspora): How the Iranian Diaspora Advertise their Hyphenated Identity

“I have taken my shadow—my Iranian heritage—and inverted it. My shadow is my skin. I advertise it” (p. ...
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If an Egyptian Cannot Speak English

If an Egyptian Cannot Speak English: An Experimental Novel on Love, Power, and Abuse

In her experimental novel, “If an Egyptian Cannot Speak English,” Noor Naga transports the reader to post-revolution Egypt. ...
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Granada: A Muslim Family in Fifteenth Century Spain

Granada, a historical fiction novel written by Radwa Ashour and translated by William Granara, captures the uncertainty of ...
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Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

Do Muslim Women Need Saving?: Debunking Myths about Islam and Gender

Many Western feminists believe that agency is the key to women’s advancement. However, Palestinian-American anthropologist Lila Abu-Lughod deconstructs ...
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Against the Loveless World

Against the Loveless World: A Story of Exile Beyond Numbers and Statistics

“Against the Loveless World” tells a story of exile through the eyes of Nahr, a Palestinian refugee. Susan ...
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