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History Resources for Educators

Best of History Websites
With links to over 1000 sites that have lesson plans, activities, games, quizzes and solid information, Best of History is a rich resource of tools and information. This is a project of the Center for Teaching History with Technology.

Bridging World History
This is a free Annenberg Media set of videos, activities, lesson plans and more related to North Africa and Southwest Asia, specifically exploring Egypt and Israel. The content is appealing to students and features a World History Traveler section with activities. Explore the website; the Social Sciences discipline section has useful resources.

Teaching American History
Though it specifically addresses American history, this online resource for students and teachers can provide background and context on key events and ideas that influenced the United States’ foreign policies over time.

Middle East Historical Timeline from Global Connections
A timeline for the last 100 years of Middle East history from “Global Connections: The Middle East,” , is an online resource produced by the PBS station WGBH to help teachers, students, and the general public learn more about events occurring in the Middle East.

Middle East Photography Archive
The Middle East Department of the University of Chicago Library’s archive of early photographs of the Middle East.

Muslim Heritage.com
This site celebrates Islamic contributions to science, technology, the arts, and civilization.

PBS Frontline: The Long Road to War
This is the website for the PBS Frontline Program on Iraq. This site provides a great deal of information about the history of Iraq since 1990.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
A list of UNESCO World Heritage site in the Arab states

Inevitably all sides in the conflict resort to history in order to help justify their position. Some of the many varied historical perspectives on the issue are represented in the links below.

The Middle East: A Century of Conflict
This seven part series from NPR news traces the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in an attempt to “bring context and perspective to the story, and to help listeners understand the complex situation in the Mideast, the history, and the consequences of the confrontation.”

The United Nations Information system on the Question of Palestine
This site intends to provide users with full-text documents of the United Nations system relevant to the question of Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East since 1946. See, also, this UN page on the Question of Palestine.

Middle East Maps – rather amateur in appearance
This website has maps tracing the impact of various treaties and wars on Palestinian territory.

The Middle East Research and Information Project
A primer on the uprising in Palestine from the Middle East Research and Information Project.

Palestinian Refugee Research Net
Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet is a non-partisan project devoted to the dissemination of ideas and scholarly information, in an effort to foster scholarly collaboration, policy research, and innovative thinking on the Palestinian refugee issue. PRRN is maintained by the Inter-University Consortium for Arab Studies (Montreal), with the support of the Arts Computing Network, McGill University, the International Development Research Centre and the Canadian International Development Agency.

Journal of Palestine Studies
Web site for The Journal of Palestine Studies, including the full text of many articles.

Selected Documents Regarding Palestine
The full text of numerous documents relating to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the Israel’s Proclamation of Independence (1948), UN Resolutions on the Conflict, and the Hamas Charter (1988), and much more. The site is maintained by the The Palestine Center, a project of The Jerusalem Fund.

Weblog special: Israel and the Palestinians
Part of the Guardian Online’s Weblog section, this page links to what the editors consider to be “the best online journalism on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the prospects for peace.”

CNN: MidEast Land of Conflict – can’t find but there are other interactive things available
This site focuses on the Arab-Israeli conflict and includes interactive timelines, biographies of key figures, maps, etc.

Islam: Empire of Faith
Web page for this PBS documentary on the early history of Islam and the rise of the Islamic empires. Includes a well developed timeline.What Went Wrong?” in which he attempts to diagnose the political, social and economic ills of the contemporary Islamic world.

“Impossible Histories”
In this essay, from the July 2002 issue of Harper’s Magazine, Edward Said addresses what he sees as the tendency to oversimplify Islamic history, particularly in the booksIslam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong and What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response by Bernard Lewis.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
An excellent sourcebook of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts, presented cleanly and intended for educational use. Organized by Fordham University.

Encyclopedia of the Orient article for the Almoravids, a North African dynasty. Includes a brief history and timeline. See also the article on the Almohads, for a similar entry on another North African dynasty.

Ancient and Medieval Middle East
A list of links about the Middle East in ancient and medieval times, compiled by Columbia University Libraries.

Mamluk Bibliography Online
“The Mamluk Bibliography is an on-going project of the Middle East Documentation Center at the University of Chicago, the aim of which is to compile comprehensive bibliographies of all primary sources relating to the Mamluk sultanate of Egypt and Syria, as well as all research and discussion–scholarly and popular–germane to the subject.”

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