Resource Guides

Syria: Civil War and Refugee Crisis

The Syrian Civil War is in its eighth year, and the conflict and resulting refugee crisis are prominent global issues. It is important for students to learn about the war — whether it just be the basics or a more in-depth discussion — so they can become more informed members of the global community. 

Arab and Muslim Americans

The Middle East is made up of many communities that encompass different ethnic groups, cultures, religions and languages. Sometimes these identities overlap but there are also important distinctions, which can be difficult to distinguish. Both Muslims and Arabs represent significant portions of the diverse American population.

Women in Islam

The topic of women in Islam — their fashion, their values, their rights — is a source of constant fascination for people young and old alike. It’s likely that students will bring their own preconceived notions to the classroom, so it’s important to address this topic with sensitivity and kindness.

Islam: Teaching the Basics

Islam is a huge and varied tradition with a long history, fascinating contributions to society, and a modern population with incredibly diverse lives, beliefs and practices.