Empowering Educators with Comprehensive Resources on the Middle East

At TeachMideast, our mission is to enlighten and engage K-12 educators with the most comprehensive, accessible, and high-quality resources about the Middle East. We recognize the importance of understanding this culturally rich and historically significant region in today's globally connected society. Our dedication lies in equipping teachers with the necessary tools and knowledge to bring the Middle East into their social studies and introductory area studies classes effectively and accurately.

The TeachMideast Vision

We envision a world where educators are well-informed and confident in teaching about the Middle East. By fostering a deeper understanding of the region, we aim to cultivate a more informed and empathetic generation of students. Our goal is to bridge gaps in knowledge and dispel misconceptions, enabling students to engage thoughtfully with complex global issues and to make informed policy decisions in the future.

Collaboration for Comprehensive Coverage

TeachMideast is not just a resource; it's a collaborative effort. We work closely with Title VI university outreach centers, scholars, area specialists, and educators to ensure our content is both comprehensive and authentic. Our network of experts contributes to a diverse range of perspectives, enriching our resources and supporting educators in providing a well-rounded education about the Middle East and the Muslim world.


We offer an array of materials, including lesson plans, multimedia content, and in-depth articles, all tailored to the needs of K-12 educators.

Professional Development

We provide opportunities for teachers to enhance their understanding and teaching skills related to the Middle East through workshops, webinars, etc.


Our initiative extends beyond classrooms, aiming to educate and involve the community in learning about the Middle East.

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite educators, scholars, and the community to join us in this endeavor. Whether you are a teacher seeking resources, a scholar willing to share expertise, or an individual eager to learn more about the Middle East, TeachMideast is your gateway to a world of knowledge and understanding. Together, we can shape a future where knowledge about the Middle East is widespread, accurate, and accessible to all.

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