Resource Centers Provide Experts, Support and Materials for the Classroom

Title VI National Resource Centers

The International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE) office of the U.S. Department of Education provides institutional and fellowship grant funding to strengthen the capability and performance of American education in foreign languages, and in area and international studies. National Resource Centers teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels and conduct research focused on specific world regions, international studies and the teaching of less-commonly taught languages. These centers listed focus on the Middle East and are found across the U.S. They organize and coordinate activities that include K-16 teacher training programs on the culture, history, politics, and economics of the Middle East; work with overseas institutions of higher education and other organizations focused on the Middle East; and collaborate on projects with other centers and institutions that address themes of global importance.

Middle East and Near East Resource Centers

University of Arizona, Tuscon: The Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Contact: Anne Betteridge, [email protected], (520) 621-8750
Lisa Adeli, [email protected]
Website: http://www.cmes.arizona.edu/outreach

What does the outreach center offer?

University of California, Berkeley: Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Contact: Nezar AlSayyad, [email protected], (510) 642-8208
Website: http://cmes.berkeley.edu/community-outreach/

What does the outreach center offer?

  • All events and activities sponsored by the CMES are free and open to the public.
  • The Center also organizes programs that serve California K-12 public school teachers and community colleges. It serves primary, secondary, and post-secondary teachers by coordinating one-day workshops or one-week teacher institutes to promote the incorporation of Middle East related materials in the classroom.
  • The CMES also provides scholarly resources, including curriculum packets designed to inform pre-collegiate teaching on various aspects of Middle East culture.
  • CMES also has a speakers’ bureau which can provide guest speakers in your classroom. Subject areas will vary depending upon speakers’ availability, but may include talks on religion, culture, language, current events, gender roles, and minority issues.

Yale University, New Haven: Council on Middle East Studies, Programs in International Educational Resources (PIER)
Contact: Lora Lamosy, [email protected], (203) 436-5250
Website: http://www.yale.edu/macmillan/pier/middleeaststudies.htm

What does the outreach center offer?

George Washington University, Washington: Institute for Middle East Studies
Contact: Perrotti, Alexandra, [email protected], 202-994-7904
Website: http://www.gwu.edu/~imes/outreach/index.cfm

What does the institute offer?

The IMES outreach program will provide no cost workshops and resources to area educators. IMES events at the Institute for Middle Studies, the Project on Middle East Political Science, and the Middle East Policy Forum are also open to the public.

Georgetown University, Washington: Center for Contemporary Arab Studies Outreach Program
Contact: Susan Douglass, [email protected]
Website: https://ccas.georgetown.edu/outreach

What does the outreach center offer?

  • Lending Library
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Consultation Services
  • Background Modules
  • Teaching Units
  • Links for Educators
  • Resources from Past Workshops and Seminars

University of Chicago, Chicago: Center for Middle Eastern Studies Educational Outreach, the Middle East Education Initiative
Contact: Alexander Barna, [email protected]
Website: https://cmes.uchicago.edu/page/educational-outreach

What does the outreach initiative offer?

Indiana University, Bloomington: Center for the Study of the Middle East
Contact: Feisal Istrabadi, [email protected], (812)855-4221
Website: http://www.indiana.edu/~csme/resources.shtml

What does the outreach center offer?

Indiana University, Bloomington: Center for the Study of the Middle East
Contact: Feisal Istrabadi, [email protected], (812)855-4221
Website: http://www.indiana.edu/~csme/resources.shtml

What does the outreach center offer?

Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies Outreach provides:

Duke University: Middle East Studies Center
Contact: Erda? Göknar, Director of Duke MES Center, [email protected]
Website: http://middleeaststudies.duke.edu/

University of North Carolina, Chapel HillCarolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations Outreach Program
Contact: Emma Harver ([email protected]), (919)967-1007
Website: http://mideast.unc.edu/outreach/

Princeton University, Princeton: Department of Near Eastern Studies
Contact: Cyrus Schayegh, [email protected], (609)258-4280
Website: http://www.princeton.edu/nes/

Columbia University, New York: The Middle East Institute
Contact: Lila Abu-Lughod, [email protected], (212)854-2584
Website: http://www.mei.columbia.edu/index.shtml

New York University, New York: NYU Hagop Kevorkian Center, Near Eastern Studies
Contact: Helga Tawil Souri, [email protected], (212)998-8877
Website: http://neareaststudies.as.nyu.edu/page/outreach

What does the center offer?


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: The Middle East Center
Contact: Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet, [email protected], (215)898-6335
Website: http://www.sas.upenn.edu/mec/outreach

What does the center offer?

  • Teacher workshops, independently or in conjunction with area organizations
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Materials – video and literary lending libraries
  • Consulting Services
  • Listservs

University of Texas, Austin: Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Contact: (512) 471-3582
Website: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/depts/mes/public_resources/outreach/outreach.php

What does the outreach center offer?

University of Washington, Seattle: The Middle East Center at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
Contact: Ellis J. Goldberg, [email protected], (206)543-4227
Website: http://jsis.washington.edu/mideast/

What does the outreach program offer?

  • Extensive video/film library with lending options
  • Events open to the public
  • The Center is a founding member in a partnership with the Seattle non-profit OneWorld Now!, which for over a decade has offered Arabic language and global leadership training to minority and disadvantaged high school students in the Seattle public schools.
  • To strengthen K-12 teacher understanding of the Middle East, the Center conducts annual intensive summer institutes focused on important issues in the Middle East. Recent institutes have been explored the topics of: Iraq, U.S. foreign policy and the Middle East, modern Iran, and the history of Christians in the Middle East.

Other Middle East Centers (not funded by the U.S. Dept of Education):

The United States


Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World (UK)
Centro de Estudios del Medio Oriente Contemporáneo (Argentina)
Leiden University, School of Middle Eastern Studies (Netherlands)
London School of Economics, Middle East Centre (UK)
Lund University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies (Sweden)
St. Antony’s College, Oxford, Middle East Centre (UK)
University of Cambridge, HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies (UK)
University of Exeter, Centre for Kurdish Studies (UK)
University of London (SOAS), London Middle East Institute (UK)

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