Activism & Human Rights Advocacy

The Middle East is often portrayed as an outlier when it comes to human rights, yet, the outbreak of the Arab Spring and the intense digital campaigning that followed proved that rights have become the popular language of protest. The locus of human rights is no longer exclusive to state or inter-state organizations but rather [...]

Artists and Art Organizations

Artists play a huge role in carrying and forming new narratives. Especially within the Middle East and its diaspora-- a region usually studied only in an art historical context-- contemporary artists bring significant symbolism to their work within larger political discourses. The artists featured below cover both young and well established practitioners, representing a wide [...]


Collectives - spaces of shared interest - hold great importance in the Middle East. Too often we perceive a monolithic Middle Eastern narrative reflective of ruling politics and foreign affairs, yet small, indigenous collectives offer alternative voices and uplift silent narratives throughout the region. Producing knowledge in many realms, from film to art to politics, [...]

Cyber Space and Cyber Security

CYBER SPACE & CYBER SECURITY As Technology Advances, Where Are the Lines Drawn?As the world becomes more connected than ever through globalization and social media, security has become an increasingly important aspect of governance and regime survivability. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a small yet important global hub for innovation and business. The nature [...]


Fashion in the Middle East and its diaspora is diverse and multifaceted, traversing modest, Islamic fashion to Western-influenced designs. Some brands choose to focus on gender fluidity while others preserve indigenous textiles threatened by political conflict and globalization. Listed below are some fashion labels and designers that continuously push the bar forward. Apart from brands [...]

Film & Multimedia


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Photography Photography and photographic imagery, while a great tool to portray and communicate events and emotion, can also be a tool of misinformation. Particularly in the Middle East, where most image-making centers around conflict and humanitarian disaster, debunking preconceived assumptions and myths is extremely important. The Middle East has always been more than conflict and [...]


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