Gulf Agricultural Investments in Sudan

An Overview: Context and Key Questions In some parts of Sudan, there is foreign-owned land for as far as the eye can see. Evidenced by the almost 800,000 hectares of land acquisitions in Sudan, the Gulf states’ interest in agricultural investments in central Africa has increased over the past few years along cycles of economic […]

The Role of Palestinian Non-Profit Organizations

An Overview This article seeks to highlight work being done on the ground to promote peace and sustainable growth of Palestine. It seeks to start a discussion about the importance of grassroots and community-based approaches to peace and highlight the resilience of Palestinian society despite ongoing political turmoil. Education 300 Palestinian educational facilities were reportedly […]

Threads of Resistance: Palestinian Embroidery

Thread the needle. Insert the needle into the fabric, pulling it just enough to preserve a bit of the loop. Cross the thread and needle diagonally through the loop. Repeat. For centuries, Palestinians replicated this intricate process, adorning pillows, tapestries, and elegant dresses with this traditional needlework. To the Palestinian eye, these embroidered creations, or […]