Fifteen years ago, Americans sat open-mouthed in front of their T.V.s watching as the Twin Towers fell. Since then the media has focused a disproportionate amount of attention to the threat that terrorists pose to the U.S. and its citizens. Oftentimes, images of Arabs and the name of Islam are invoked to put a face to terrorism. 
Join us as we discuss the media’s treatment of terrorism, as well as the effect that the rhetoric surrounding terrorism has on Muslim Americans and Americans in general. The discussion will be led by Dr. Foukara and Engy Abdelkader and will seek to shed light on these critical points to arrive at a productive and inclusive way to talk about terrorism.

Space is Limited; Please R.S.V.P

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Directions: Take the Metro Red Line to Farragut North. Exit the station and head straight down Connecticut Avenue. Walk two blocks. Turn right on M St. NW. The building will be on the right: take the elevator to the 5th floor.