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The content in the For Educators section offers an abundance of information, resources and tools for your own knowledge enhancement,and for application in your classroom. Our signature resource, “Introducing the Middle East: A Handbook for and by American Educators”, is a digital publication featuring vital background information and context absent in so many primary and secondary school classrooms, along with original teaching tools and associated standards. Covering both historical and contemporary events, along with thematic concerns such as the environment, the content of this publication can be used independently as each chapter is released, or a complete and connected volume. Teachers are invited to suggest relevant topics and to contribute their own material as well.

In addition, we have gathered together for your use an extensive variety of curriculum resources, including lesson plans, booklists arranged by grade level and subject, and teaching tools such as classroom-appropriate films and recommended websites for further exploration.

Lastly, you will find a regularly-updated list of funding, professional development and travel opportunities and events to enhance your understanding of the Middle East and build your capacity as an educator. We welcome testimonials from teachers who have participated in any of these programs.

It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge to increase your understanding of the region so that you can exchange that information with your students. The material in the For Educators section covers a wide spectrum of subject areas, touching upon STEM–based topics, the arts, history, social studies, economics, religion, civics, language, contemporary affairs, and politics and governance.