Ted Talk on Fighting Extremism

Anti-extremist activist Maajid Nawaz was once, in fact, an Islamist extremist himself.  In this fascinating TED video, Nawaz tackles how and why extremism has been on the rise in Muslim countries for decades, particularly in regards to the impact of social movements.

Nawaz argues that successful movements are comprised of ideas, narratives, symbols and leaders. Extremist organizations have, for a while now, capitalized on those attributes and exploited the complacency, political and economic failures of leaders and nations. He states that globalized, grassroots, youth-led movements advocating for a democratic culture are the basis for a truly democratic society.

In essence, Maajid Naawaz’s talk highlights his promotion of dialogue, tolerance and democracy in Muslim and non-Muslim communities in an ever-globalized world.

Click on the video to watch or visit Ted Talks directly.

What do you think about what he has to say?

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