Internships & Opportunities

If you are interested in contributing to TeachMideast’s mission and content development, please consider applying for an internship with the Middle East Policy Council.

The Middle East Policy Council encourages undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of backgrounds – political science, international relations, history, foreign language, regional studies, communications, and more – to apply for our internships. Interns should expect to gain valuable insight into the inner workings of a nonprofit while fostering informed and productive policy-making towards the Middle East.

The Winter/Spring 2022 internship application period is now closed. The Summer 2022 internship application period will open in March.


TeachMideast curates materials from multiple sources to provide educators with comprehensive content and tools. We also generate our own content in-house and share published material from MEPC staff, board, and journal authors that are relevant and instructive. TeachMideast welcomes contributions from readers and the public on a rolling basis with permission to edit and adapt as appropriate for our audience. We are a not-for-profit educational resource and cannot compensate authors except in special circumstances, but material will be credited. Original research, audio-visual material, educator resources, opinion pieces, and spotlight stories are of particular interest. If you have a proposal or publication for our consideration, please contact [email protected].